Infographics Video Services in Bangladesh

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Infographics Video Services in Bangladesh

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Benefits of having a Infographics Video in Bangladesh?


    Did you know that people love facts, figures, and statistics? But if presented in regular text format, this information can get boring. That?s where infographic videos step in! Add some compelling images and graphics to your existing facts and figures, and you have addictive content!


    While scrolling through a web page, you?re more likely to stop and pay attention to an animated video as opposed to text or a static image. Infographic videos are eye-catching and make the viewer stop and take notice. Human beings are highly visual and because 90% of the information that comes to the brain is visual, you need to tap into that ?optic nerve?.


    Two things work in favor of infographic videos. First, they provide a ton of information at a single glance. And second, because they are not static images or simple text format, infographic videos stand out from normal videos. Also, because they are attractive to view, they are more likely to be shared on social platforms which makes the possibility of these videos going viral more likely.


    Creating an infographic that is embedded with your logo and brand displayed is a powerful means of creating a greater ?Brand Awareness?. If you want your brand to be recognized as one that is innovative and up-to-date, you should consider using infographic videos.


    The viral nature of the infographic medium makes people link to your site and Google will index your website higher due to Google?s ?Page Rank? algorithm. This increases the importance that search engines place on your site.


    If you want your brand to be recognized as the thought-leader in your field, infographic videos are the way to go. The research required to create an infographic video will display your knowledge and position you as an expert on your category or topic. This will help you attract more eye-balls and position you a cut above the rest of your competition.

  • Types of Infographics Video in Bangladesh

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Informational Infographic Videos

This method merely presents facts in a visual format, but is heavily weighted toward text. Really, with this design, you?re just presenting text in a more attractive way by giving it some colour and movement, but the graphic visuals have very little to do with the words. This is a good format for when your information is very text-heavy and is quite difficult to transfer to visual information.

Data Visualization Infographic Videos

Similar to statistics, this is a more visual way of presenting information where the visuals outweigh the text in importance. Put simply, you have to make the picture tell the story almost without using any text at all. It?s one of the best and most interesting forms of infographic.

Timeline Infographic Videos

When your information or data is chronological, the go-to style is the timeline. Most timelines are visual, presented in a long, single line that allows you a quick visual reference of where the events are in time, relative to all other events. Another less used but equally compelling form of timeline is the time lapse timeline, in which events are presented one after the other on the timeline of the video relative to the time they happened in reality.

How-to Infographic Videos

This is a step-by step guide to how something works or how to do something with accompanying visual representation. It could be anything from how to fix a flat tire to how to cook recipes. This has become an extremely popular form for how to cook videos, with simple, bird?s eye views of the process instead of focusing on the chef and/or host.

Geographical Infographic Videos

When your information is based geographically, it?s obvious you should use a map to represent your data. The most common form is a map with color-coded regions or icons. This is the ideal format to represent differences between countries or regions, and when combined with a time lapse format, it is ideal to represent expansion, progression or change.

Comparative Infographic Videos

This format is the placing of two things side by side and measuring their respective merits when judged by the same criteria. This is the perfect format if you?d like to compare two (or more) things and highlight their differences. Usually the two things are presented onscreen at once, with their respective statistics measured with text, but they could be presented one after the other on the video timeline.

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